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Wedding down at Jersey Shore.

Playing Acoustic with 3 Second Memory Band

Playing Melodica with 3 Second Memory Band

Halo Pub

Hamilton NJ

My Great Uncle Peter Pinto at the Piano. He played the same bar in Newark NJ for over 20 years. The man had large hands and had the quickest left hand I ever saw.

Playing at Roman Hall Restaurant in Trenton NJ back in the early 90's.

The "Burg"

Playing at Halo Pub in Princeton NJ

My wife Barbara and I in NYC. We love the City!

3 Second Memory Band

My Dad, Jack Pinto who inspired me to play piano and whom I have breakfast with at our favorite local NJ diner every Saturday.

Barbara and I at a Wedding that I played cocktail hour. The Bride was a Piano Student I had for over 5 years when she was age 7-12.

People in my family were always singing or playing piano!

From L-R Aunt Millie , Frankie 'Mason" Pinto, Cousin Mickey and Maurice Rossi.

My Great Uncle Peter Pinto at piano with his brother, my Grandfather Frankie "Mason" Pinto

Playing with the boys from Havertown PA!

Playing with the talented Bill Thomas.

At Beatlefest 2014 in NYC meeting Prudence Farrow. She was John Lennon's inspiration to write "Dear Prudence"

Prudence Farrow

Dad watching his Uncle "Whiskey" John Pinto play piano.

Dad on right and his cousin Mickey Fuccello who also was a very good piano player as well as my Dad.

Me in the middle playing with the talented Gerry Monk & Jim Matlock.

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